What Does God Think About Doubt?


Sometimes, it’s hard not to doubt. Are you with me? When life is hard, and circumstances overwhelm, it’s easy to default to fear and worry. It’s easy to let the doubt creep in as to whether God really has it all in control.

Is it okay for a Jesus-follower to have questions when things get hard? Yes…but it is what we do with those questions that really matters. 

Watch this video for three take-aways from the story of Gideon for a fresh perspective on faith and doubt.

Here are three things to remember when it comes to doubt and our relationship with God:

1. God can handle our questions. Gideon, that Old Testament hero who makes his appearance in the book of Judges, asked a lot of questions when God asked the impossible of him. And that was okay. God is patient, gracious, and merciful. We can ask the questions.

2. God can handle our feelings. Our thoughts and emotions are complex. God created them that way, and He will provide exactly what we need. For Gideon, it was an army of 300 to defeat an army of thousands.

3. God is greater than our doubts. When Jesus went to the cross, and rose again, He was victorious over sin and fear…and doubt! He is stronger than any questions we could ever ask. What seems impossible to us, is not impossible for Him.

Ask the questions, in full confidence that God can handle it.

BONUS VIDEO LINK: Watch the story of Gideon with your kids! Check out THIS VIDEO from Crossroad Kids.

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