How Strong is Your Faith?


Moses. Abraham. Gideon. Noah. Abel. Joseph. Sarah. Isaac. Jacob. Rahab. David. It’s like a “Who’s Who” of the Old Testament. These are the folks the writer of Hebrews holds up as models of what it means to “walk by faith.”

But perfect they were not. Adulterers. Liars. Doubters. The list goes on. So why were they commended for their faith? Because despite their failings, they held to faith in the One who was stronger than they.

They learned that the strength of their faith is not based upon themselves (or their records, performances, history, or feelings!) The strength of our faith is based upon Jesus!

Watch this video to find out what the “faith giants” of the Bible can tell us about real faith…and doubt…and try this fun object lesson with your kids!

OBJECT LESSION: The Strength of Faith

MATERIALS: blindfold, large cardboard box, stool or chair

Put the cardboard box and stool out of sight close by. Ask for a volunteer, and then have them put on the blindfold. Ask them to think about all the times they have sat down successfully in the past. Help them work up feels of confidence and success in the action of sitting down. Tell them you have something here they can sit on.

As you’re talking, move the box behind the volunteer. Then, ask them to sit down (make sure you are spotting the person, to avoid mishaps!). The box should fall over or collapse.

SAY: Maybe you didn’t have enough confidence? Maybe you need to practice more! Maybe you need more experience? Eventually come to the conclusion that those things really don’t make a difference, the box still wouldn’t hold them up.

This time, while the volunteer is blindfolded, move the stool behind them. Repeat the directions about sitting down. They may be more hesitant this time; you may have to convince them! Eventually they should take a seat and see that it is sturdy.

SAY: The strength of our faith is not based on how strongly we feel about something. It’s based on the strength of the thing…or Person…in which we put our faith. You felt strongly about sitting down on the box, and it didn’t work. Maybe you weren’t so confident about the stool when you couldn’t see it…but you had just enough trust to try again and trust that it would hold you.

We can trust that even when we’re unsure and make mistakes; Jesus never does. He is strong!

This is the kind of faith God is looking for…that we trust just enough to rest in the faithfulness of Jesus.

BONUS VIDEO LINK: Check out THIS VIDEO all about the great faith of God’s people (Hebrews 11 and 12)!

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