Finding God’s Peace When Life Gets Crazy

Peace seems in short supply these days. I was reminded of that recently during an unscheduled layover at Canada’s busiest airport, Pearson International in Toronto. 

After a full week touring Bible camps in the Atlantic provinces with One Hope Canada’s national board, my travel mate Warren Charlton—a board member from Saskatoon who was on the same flight—and I were looking forward to being home.

We boarded the Air Canada Bombardier jet for the 3-hour flight to Saskatoon. The plane pushed off from the gate and waited. 

And then waited some more. 

Eventually, a man in a yellow vest stencilled with the words “maintenance” mysteriously appeared from the back and walked past us to the cockpit. A few minutes later we were informed that we would be deplaning—the airplane’s door was not staying shut. It meant a night’s stay in a hotel room and then hopefully catching a flight the next day. 

As we left the plane and entered the waiting area surrounding Gate D22 chaos reigned. People jostled to find accommodations for the night and rebook their flights. Folks were worried and expressed it in rudeness and even anger. 

If I am honest, I realize I wasn’t much different; I’ve just learned to hide things better.

A better way

My usual mode of operating in situations like this is to get a bit anxious and work hard at finding a solution. But this time, God used Warren to show me a better way. He reminded me that even in these “detours” God is kind and sovereign. We can find our contentment in Jesus; it is not dependent on the day working out according to our plans.

Often, I’m tempted to believe that I can control things and find peace. But that is a lie. 

Sustaining peace comes from the One who trusted unwaveringly in the goodness and sovereignty of His heavenly Father. Even in moments when I falter, I can rest in Jesus’ absolute faithfulness, because He has proven His goodness by what lengths He went to be faithful.

We did find a room for the night, which was kindness from God because rooms were scarce. And with a Christ-centered perspective, it is amazing how many other kindnesses I found along the way, now that I was looking for them! 

Speak the truth

As parents and grandparents, we have an opportunity to speak this same truth to the children and youth in our lives, the truth that Warren spoke to me. Real, sustainable, tangible peace can be expereinced regardless of the circumstances, because peace is ultimately a Person.

Let’s make the most of the unexpected changes in life to show our kids that God is kind and good!


Bill McCaskell is the national director of One Hope Canada.

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