national team

MEET OUR National Team

One Hope Canada’s national team is made up of our Field Team and our Support Team. Together we form the Ministry Resource Centre, and provide essential support to our 45 camps and community ministries as they encourage, direct, and equip missionaries to fulfill One Hope Canada’s purpose and vision.

Bill McCaskell
National Director

After living most of his adult life in Manitoba, Bill McCaskell moved back to Saskatchewan in 2019, returning to the province where he grew up. He joined One Hope Canada (Canadian Sunday School Mission at the time) in 2010 as Manitoba Field Director.

In 2012, Bill and his wife Bev began serving as the mission’s National Director team. In 2019 Bev stepped down from the role. Bill continues to serve as National Director, leading a great team of more than 150 missionaries from across the country as they reach more than 30,000 children and youth each year with the hope of Gospel.

Previous to his ministry with One Hope Canada, Bill was a pastor and entrepreneur. Bill and Bev are the happy parents of two sons, two daughters-in-law, and grandparents to four grandsons.