Our Ministry Partners

One Hope Canada has partnered with these great organizations.

One Hope Canada has a rich history of bringing the Gospel to rural areas in Canada, planting over 140 churches in its 89 year history.  We have a vision to renew that same passion for bringing the Gospel to communities which have no Gospel witness.  To help accomplish this goal, One Hope Canada has partnered with Associated Gospel Churches, a Gospel-centred, non-denominational church association with more than 150 churches across Canada.

One Hope Canada will begin to focus on Community Ministry Initiatives through our community missionaries, and as God blesses the work and churches are birthed, the AGC will be there to provide ongoing support and structure to the new work.

To learn more about the AGC or to discover if there is an AGC-affiliated church in your area, click here.

For over 60 years Bible League Canada has been partnering with local Christians around the world to provide Scriptures and training. In 2013 Bible League Canada began to also work in Canada, and beginning in 2015 One Hope Canada was excited to partner with them.

With Bible League Canada’s support we are able to undertake a number of new ministry initiatives, such as distributing thousands of comic-style story books about the life of Jesus, and initiating discipleship weekends for children and youth coming from homes who do not know Jesus.

To learn more about the great work of Bible League Canada in Canada and abroad, please click here to visit their website.