Volunteer on a Summer Missionary Team

Have a deep impact on children and youth

Whether you consider yourself young or older, we invite you to experience the life changing hope within our ministry community. How? Hundreds of missionaries join a ministry team each summer in ministries across this country. They come, hoping to impact the lives of children and teens. The great surprise? They discover their own lives deeply transformed in the process. You can experience the same thing serving on one of our missionary teams.

We are committed to disciple believers for life and service in the church (the second half of our purpose).  We want to equip those who have discovered the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to live out life with all the abundance Jesus promised. This happens best as they serve within one of our ministries. 

Discover where God may be calling you to volunteer on our Ministry Discovery page.

Application Forms

If you already know where you want to apply for a summer missionary position, click here to apply online.

If your camp is not listed for applying online, you will need to complete a paper application form.

The Volunteer / Support Team Application Form is needed when you are applying to work as a support worker (i.e. kitchen, etc.). The Summer Missionary Application Form is needed when you are applying to work and will be placed in a position of trust and authority with children/youth (i.e. cabin leader, etc.).

Volunteer / Support Team Application Form (Download first, then complete and save the form or print)

Summer Missionary Application (English) (Download first, then complete and save the form or print)

Summer Missionary Application (French) (Download first, then complete and save the form or print)

Reference Form (Click here to download the English PDF to print, or click here to download the French PDF to print. Click here to complete the form online (English or French.)

Summer Missionary Assistance Program (SMAP)

We realize that every summer you have a number of options as to what you should do…find a good-paying summer job to save some money, travel with your friends, or maybe, just maybe spend your time at camp and see the Creator of the universe at work in the lives of hundreds of children.

At One Hope Canada, we think spending your time at camp is a great option, and so we have designed SMAP (Summer Missionary Assistance Program) – a program that helps you gather a group of people around you who will partner with you in your summer ministry. These people commit to pray for you, support the work financially, and encourage you through the summer. No longer is it just you going to serve at camp…it is your entire support team, partnering with you, to see what God will do.

Your Step by Step Guide to SMAP (What it is, and how to apply.)

SMAP Application Form – Fillable (This is best opened using Edge/Explorer or Safari)

Click here to read some common questions & answers about SMAP.

Seasonal or Part-Time Ministries

Opportunities to serve at camp varies from one week to all summer. Here are a few of the Seasonal Positions at our ministry points:


are people who have a commitment to God and a working knowledge of the Bible. They are responsible for teaching the Bible, leading cabin devotions, and helping with general camper supervision.


are people with an RN, EMS, or Industrial First Aid qualification.


are required at most of our camps.


are a must at every camp! At least one Head Cook is required with, at least 2 or 3 helpers per week.


needs to be done throughout the camping season just to keep the facilities operating smoothly. An individual with handy-man skills that can work unsupervised is ideal for this position.


are needed for camps which offer horsemanship and trail riding.


are people who are willing to be the spiritual leader for the week. They must relate well to the respective age groups.


are people who are creative and have the ability to teach others in these departments. Camps offer crafts as well as skills such as archery, canoeing, orienteering, and survival.


VICS program is for those (mainly seniors, but not limited to them) who wish to contribute to the ministry in some way but don’t feel able to be a part of the summer ministry. These people spend parts of May and June at some of the camps, helping the directors and managers ready the grounds and buildings for campers before they arrive. They provide their own accommodation (trailer, motor home, tent, whatever) and meals and enjoy the camping experience with fellow Christians. This is not a high energy experience. People work at their own pace, taking time to relax, sleep, swim, fish, etc., and enjoy what they are doing together.

Discover where God may be calling you to volunteer on our Ministry Discovery page.