How does SMAP work?

SMAP gives you the tools to fundraise on behalf of One Hope Canada for the SMAP Fund. One Hope Canada can then, in turn, hire summer missionaries through our participating ministry points (camps, churches and community ministry initiatives) because of the fundraising that you and others have done for the SMAP Fund.

What are the age and length of service requirements for SMAP?

To be considered for SMAP you must meet the following age requirements before you begin with One Hope Canada:

  • Quebec and Nova Scotia – you must be 14 years old;

  • British Columbia and Alberta – you must be 15 years old; and

  • All other provinces – you must be 16 years old.

You must serve a minimum of 4 weeks, whether consecutively or during the full summer camp season, to qualify for this program.

How are the SMAP funds distributed?

All funds are processed centrally at our Winnipeg office. We will forward the funds to the various participating camps who in turn will distribute them to all SMAP participants as a final payroll by mid September. These funds will be processed as regular payroll by the ministry point with payroll deductions taken off.

Is there a maximum that I can fundraise?

No. One Hope Canada is grateful for the generosity of all donors and uses gifts you have raised on behalf of SMAP to enable the fund to cover your wage for the summer, after which, any additional funds assists others who have also enrolled in SMAP.

How much will I be able to receive being on SMAP?

Each camp decides how to distribute SMAP funds. Please refer to the this chart for the maximum allowable limits. Please speak to your ministry point director for more details.

When can I begin?

Right away! Start as soon as possible with building your support team. We will help you by providing a personalized support letter and response cards. Encourage your support team to jump on board early with their prayers and support.

Once you have finished your summer, be sure you report back to them. It is a team, after all, and they want to feel they are a part of it!