Summer Missionary Assistance Program (SMAP)

Every summer you have a number of options . . . find a good-paying job to save some money, travel with friends, or maybe serve at camp or with one of our community ministries and see God change lives for eternity!

We want to help make it possible for you to serve at camp or with a community ministry. Our Summer Missionary Assistance Program (SMAP) makes it possible for you to invite a group of people to partner with you in your ministry. These people commit to pray for you, support the work financially, and encourage you through the summer. You are not serving alone . . . it is your entire support team, partnering with you, to see what God will do.

STEP ONE:  Decide that SMAP is for you

Has God called you to serve? A strong support base is vital to summer ministry, and a first step to building a team who will stand with you in years to come.

If you’re thinking about becoming a summer missionary, participating in SMAP may be for you.

STEP TWO:  Apply to SMAP

Once you have decided that you would like to be a part of SMAP for the summer, simply fill out the summer application form (this is best opened using Edge/Explorer or Safari) and email it to:

Please send the TD1 federal and provincial forms (found at the links below) to your camp director.

STEP THREE:  Begin Building Your Support Team

Start by compiling a list of names and addresses – family, friends, church family, etc. – who may be interested in being part of your support team. Be careful not to assume that certain people may not have an interest in supporting you. In other words, do not pre-qualify or disqualify anyone.

Once we receive and process your SMAP application we will email you a personalized support letter and response card that you can print and send to your family and friends. It’s then up to you to follow up your letter with a phone call to confirm that they have received the letter and offer to answer any questions.

STEP FOUR:  Communicate to your Support Team

You will receive an email with a link to a donor report. This will show you all the donors that have contributed to the SMAP fund on your behalf. Please communicate with them (thank you card/note) within a week of receiving that information. Please note: all SMAP donations must be received prior to August 16.

Please communicate to your entire support team and let them know how you are doing throughout the summer. This will help make them feel as though they truly are on your team.

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