Three Great Ways to Explore the Bible With Your Kids

explore the Bible

On my bookshelf sits a black, leather-bound Bible that once belonged to my grandmother. For a book so old—it was published in the late 1800s—it is in very good condition. When this Bible was read, the delicate pages were turned with utmost care and it was stored in a safe place out of reach of dust and damage. Children did not carelessly touch the holy book.

There is something to be said for treating God’s Word with reverence and care, but neither do we want the Bible to become an out-of-reach relic. Our desire is for the next generation to get to know the awesome story of the Gospel and God’s great rescue plan for us!

There are many awesome hands-on resources that can help beat Bible boredom and explore the Bible with your kids. Get started with selections from these three (by no means exhaustive!) categories.

Downloads and Guides

  • Download Bible Skills for Kids, a free PDF with information on how to teach Bible skills, lists of foundational Bible Stories for preschoolers and kids, the most important memory verses for kids, and what to look for when selecting a Bible for kids. You can also download a Bible skills milestones poster and find free training for yourself or your ministry team. 
  • Download fun, colourful, and free Books of the Bible resources. Includes a printable poster, games, puzzles, hand-motions guide and more. Find a free Sunday school lesson, with the option to purchase a larger Books of the Bible curriculum.
  • Find Bible reading guides and resources for the whole family at Scripture Union Canada


  • Little ones will enjoy Back to the Bible Kids, where you can find three free apps with Bible ABCs, colouring and games. 
  • The Bible App for Kids app is a free download. The Bible App for Kids also offers a storybook, videos, and a two-year curriculum (also free) for churches or families. 
  • Kids ages 6-12 can check out Lightgliders, a digital world of fun, role-playing games and Bible-based activities. Available for computers, tablets and smartphones, there are some free game-play options as well as subscriber options.
  • Guardians of Ancora is a completely free app that takes kids through a virtual world where they discover Jesus and engage with Bible stories through quests, quizzes, videos, games and more. 


When you take the time to explore the Bible with your kids, your Bible won’t be stuck collecting dust on the shelf. It will become an active part of your growing relationship with Jesus!


Kelly Rempel is the Director of Creative Communications for One Hope Canada.

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