Find Delight in Jesus and Discover God’s Power at Work

As we help our kids find delight in Jesus, it fosters a good-news environment that inspires our love for God and love for others. Watch the video below for the final installment of the “How to Create a Good-News Environment” series!

It’s a big challenge: In an entertainment-saturated, short-attention-span world, how do we keep children engaged and interested, especially when it comes to learning about Jesus?

It starts with our own hearts. Do you find Jesus interesting? Do you delight in learning more about Him? 

Try this idea from Jack Klumpenhower, author of the book Show Them Jesus. Create a list, starting with the phrase, “Jesus is better than anything else because…” Then, as you talk with your children or teach those lessons in Sunday school or club, fill in the blank. Keep the list handy as a reminder of why Jesus is awesome! 

As we find reasons why Jesus is delightful, our hearts will warm and we will respond in worship by loving God and loving others. That is the power of God at work as we reflect on the Gospel. 

That is the reason we are aware of the environment and culture we are creating, so we can ensure that our churches and clubs and homes have a good-news environment, one that is sin-aware, grace-aware, focuses on the heart and helps kids find delight in Jesus.

Bill McCaskell is the national director for One Hope Canada.

Start this list today! "Jesus is better than anything else because [YOUR ANSWER HERE]."

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