Grow Your Kids’ Heart Health – Two Ideas To Make An Impact

Grow your kids’ heart health (and your own) to foster deep relationships with Jesus that last a lifetime. Watch the video below for two ideas to create a good-news environment that focuses on the heart!

Our heart is the core of our being, the place that determines how we think, feel and act. When we follow Jesus, he changes us from the inside out “by giving us a new heart where his Holy Spirit can make his home, reorienting our desires so we are moved to listen and follow Jesus in our thoughts and actions.”

More than behaviour

As we consider how to create a good-news environment that focuses on the heart, it involves looking beneath surface behaviours (good and bad) to find out what motivates us. Is it Jesus? 

Get into God’s Word

Digging into the Bible is another great tool to grow your kids’ heart health. Encourage your children to memorize and meditate on Scripture from an early age. Talk about it together as a family or in your ministry setting.

Bill McCaskell is the national director for One Hope Canada.

"Jesus was a master at focusing on the heart...he was interested not in outward appearances but in what was going on inside."

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