Family Faith Formation: Following Jesus Together

family faith formation

Sometimes, it’s hard to show kids what it means to follow Jesus. Life gets busy. Family faith formation takes a back seat. Difficult situations arise. We feel inadequate. Sometimes we just don’t know how! What should be a joy becomes heavy. 

That’s why we’re really thrilled to tell you about a great resource that is on the way for those who are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with the kids in their lives!

National Canadian Study

The upcoming Canadian Evangelical Family Faith Formation Study is a collaborative effort of 17 ministry organizations, including One Hope Canada (home of The Hope Blog). It also involves a national survey of children’s ministry experts, pastors and parents (just like you!).

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) is heading up this national study. It’s aimed at helping parents and guardians understand:

  • their roles as disciple-makers of their children;
  • what helps and hinders their efforts;
  • and how churches and ministries can support them. 

This is the third research study for the EFC in the area of faith formation and the next generation. 

More Resources

Hemorrhaging Faith (2011) examines trends in how Canadian youth relate to the church. An interesting discovery: parents are identified as having the highest level of influence on young people staying connected to a church after leaving home. However, a short-term mission experience, such as serving at summer camp, is most instrumental in young people making Christian faith their own.

In 2018, building on the findings of Hemorrhaging Faith, the EFC released Renegotiating Faith. It focuses primarily on the points of transition in young adult life. The release includes resources for helping young adults keep the faith after graduating from high school.

You have to wait awhile to check out the Canadian Evangelical Family Faith Formation Study. Work on the project officially began in July 2020, and the results will be released in the coming months. Currently the research team is conducting reviews that will shape upcoming interviews with a variety of Canadian family and children’s ministry experts.

In the meantime, the creators of The Hope Blog team will continue doing what One Hope Canada has done since 1927—telling the next generation about the amazing love of Jesus. 

Watch for more resources, stories and inspiration unique to the Canadian context from The Hope Blog, as well as new updates from the Canadian Evangelical Family Faith Formation Study!

Bill McCaskell is the national director for One Hope Canada.

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