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Take an epic journey through the Bible; discover the life-transforming good news of Jesus! Use this study guide with The Good News Story video series. (Videos are available as free downloads at

Produced by Grace Story Team in partnership with One Hope Canada and Grace Fellowship (Saskatoon), this high quality resource will deepen your love for God’s Word, His Son, and His mission. Series’ host Murray McLellan unpacks the unfolding story of the Gospel in seven scenes, focusing on the ongoing revelation of Jesus throughout the Bible. 

Drawn from Grace Fellowship’s popular two-day Bible seminars, The Good News Story can be used in church settings, small group studies or individually. It is an introduction to the Gospel for those who are journeying toward faith, as well as a tool for equipping believers to live out the Gospel each day.


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The Good News Story is unlike any other story. A history-spanning narrative of redemption from Genesis to Revelation, it leaves you in awe and wonder. It will change you and deepen your love for God’s Word, His Son, and His mission. 

Deepen your love for God’s Word (the written story)—The Bible is not stale, out of date, or only for scholars. Rather, the Bible is where we discover the beauty, majesty, and character of God because it is His self-revelation to us. You will understand—and treasure—the Bible more because of The Good News Story.

Deepen your love for God’s Son (the living story)—God’s clearest and fullest revelation is Jesus; the invisible God made visible, the God-man. It is through the written story you learn about the living story, about the Word becoming flesh. Jesus is the central character in The Good News Story with every chapter revealing more of His beauty.  

Deepen your love for God’s Mission (the unfolding story)—God, the author of life, wants to  write you into His story. It is a story of adventure and God’s transforming power in your life and those around you. This story will change how you live every day. 


What good, good news about Jesus and His kind, gracious, and merciful work—the work of bringing sinful and rebellious people to God. Grace Story Team, in partnership with One Hope Canada and Grace Fellowship, has clearly and masterfully captured this amazing message—this good news, the Gospel! I’m confident that your heart will be warmed by the fires of these glorious truths.
Steve Janz
Executive Director, Sunnybrae Campus; Millar College of the Bible

“If He is risen, and living, and ruling, then we need to give heed to everything this book declares, for our good and for Jesus’ glory and honour.” This statement about the Bible in the introductory video of The Good News Story resonated with me as an ongoing believer. What a reminder! I couldn’t wait to watch, listen and learn more. Murray McLellan shares with excitement and a contagious passion as he speaks of the Bible, the stories within, and the good news of Jesus’ love for everyone.
Cheryl Walsh
Executive Director, Converge Canada

Whether you’re a long-time Christian or a skeptic of Christianity and Jesus, The Good News Story presents a compelling and accurate view of Jesus, the Gospel, and grace, in a way that you may have not heard or understood before. This study is definitely worth your time and I encourage you to give it a try.
Ron Leonard
National Director, C2C Collective

The content of The Good News Story not only helps us be more informed about God and His Word, but leads us to be transformed by Him! The developers of the curriculum want you to experience Jesus and to be equipped to help others to follow Him according to His desires. I would encourage you to let the Spirit of God engage your soul afresh with this teaching and then hurry to help others do the same.
Dwight Bernier
Director, Acts29 Canada

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