Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids


In this transformative resource for youth workers, children’s ministry teachers, parents, and VBS volunteers, Jack Klumpenhower teaches how to discover the gospel connections in every Bible story. Show Them Jesus is an instruction manual for teachers of kids and teens written by a lay Bible teacher with thirty years of experience. With a simple framework and real-life examples, Jack helps teachers identify and communicate the heart of the gospel to each child in each lesson.


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Show Them Jesus challenges the culture of low-stakes, low-expectations teaching and invites teachers to do nothing less than teach and treasure the good news of Jesus—in every lesson.

Instead of leaving kids with lessons about changing their behavior, Show Them Jesus offers a new way by sweetly, masterfully, and powerfully showing kids how the gospel really applies to their lives and changes them for eternity.

In sharing example after example from his years of experience, Jack provides readers with a more enriched view of Jesus and how to teach this gospel perspective in a classroom setting. This life-changing tool will complement and enrich existing lessons or teaching materials, and it’s appropriate for teachers of children and teens in any setting.

Millions of church kids are growing up and deciding to leave the church. If we are not primarily teaching our kids about God’s love for us in Christ, we may miss our opportunity to capture their hearts. Don’t miss your opportunity to show them Jesus.


About the Author:

Jack Klumpenhower, the son of a missionary pastor, is a television news writer by trade but a Bible teacher by passion. Jack explains, “I spent fifteen years of my life writing television news. I guess it taught me how to write. But it also taught me about news and the people whose stories make news. I saw that no matter how thrilling and successful their stories, Jesus is an even more exciting newsmaker. And no matter how tragic their stories, his Good News gives hope. Now I write about him. I write about the best news ever.” Married with two children, Jack is a freelance writer living in beautiful Durango, Colorado.

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