Your gift helps create a one-of-a-kind video series to help French-speaking children, youth, and families find the answers they need.

“How do we know we believe in the right God?”

You might expect the above question from a university student. It was, in fact, asked by an eight-year-old girl in Quebec during a conversation with her dad.

Classes in world religion are mandatory for Quebec students, starting as early as Grade 1. The secular nature of the programming leaves children with more questions than answers. 

The evangelical church in Quebec is still young. In a province of 8.5 million, it is estimated that fewer than 7,000 children and youth between the ages of 8-17 attend a handful of evangelical churches. Most of them are fluent only in French.

Very few resources are available in the heart-language of Quebec’s young people. Parents, youth leaders, and churches do not have the resources to answer the big faith questions. 

How do I know God exists?
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
Was Jesus a real person?
How do I share the Gospel with people of other faiths?

Watch Gabrielle-Ange’s story.

You can help children and youth in Quebec discover answers!

Your generous gift is key to creating a brand new French video curriculum that brings quality Christian resources to youth in Quebec!

Les Pourquoi de la Foi? (The Big Questions about the Christian Faith) is an innovative new discipleship tool. Produced by One Hope Canada Quebec Directors Jean-Sébastien and Katie Morin, the series includes twenty-six high quality, 20-minute episodes (13 for pre-teens, and 13 for teens). Each episode features interviews with experts who address the big questions of Christian faith. Curriculum kits also include a study guide and a parent/teacher handbook.

These kits will be used in camp settings, youth groups, churches, and by individual families. The estimated production cost for the entire project is $125,000. It’s an ambitious project, but with your help we can make Les Pourquoi de la Foi affordable to families and churches.

Watch Nicolas’ story.

Every gift gives a family or ministry leader the tools they need to tackle big faith questions with confidence.

There is a desperate need for new resources like Les Pourquoi de la Foi. Your support puts this video series into the hands of families, churches, and ministry leaders searching for hope. 

Will you help youth and families in Quebec find the answers they need?

Thank you for your prayers, and for your generous support of this project. Your gifts make it possible for those using resources like Les Pourquoi de la Foi to make an eternal difference.

Watch this video: More from Quebec Director Jean-Sébastien Morin on the heart behind this exciting project.

Watch the trailers for Les Pourquoi de la Foi!

How your gift helps Les Pourquoi de la Foi cross the finish line!

Watch the video above for more on the heart behind Les Pourquoi de la Foi, a fun look at early footage, and a special invitation from One Hope Canada national director, Bill McCaskell. Together we’re bringing hope to French-speaking children, youth, and families!

An interview with Stephen Mullin, owner of Studio du Château, on the filming of Les Pourquoi de la Foi.

Filming is underway! Jean-Sébastien's December update for Les Pourquoi de la Foi.

Watch this video: Katie gives an update on Les Pourquoi de la Foi.

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