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Rediscovering Lent

Make space to rediscover the rich tradition of Lent. Read on for helpful links to devotionals, books, prayer ideas, music and activities to help you and your family ready your hearts for Easter.

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love like Jesus

Teaching Kids to Love Like Jesus

How do we teach our children to love others well, even when it’s hard? What you can do to make the most of opportunities to teach your kids to identify and love people as Jesus did.

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leader fail

When Our Faith Giants Fall

Another Christian leader fails and we wonder, “How did that happen?” Not as common a question, but arguably more important, “Could it happen to me?” How the power of the Gospel at work protects us, and what we can do to prevent sin from taking root.

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Faith Spark

Faith Spark Ignites the Next Generation

Staying connected with the kids in your ministry is tough, especially when in-person contact is limited. Enter Faith Spark, a custom-made app for kids that takes discipleship and ministry follow-up to the next level.

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lead a child to Christ

How to Lead a Child to Christ

Do you know how to lead a child to Christ? It’s a tremendous privilege, but it can be a little nerve-wracking too, if you don’t know where to start. We share some ideas and a downloadable pocket guide that can help you guide a child through this important decision!

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