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creating a good-news environment

Let’s Talk About Sin

There’s no good news unless we understand why (and how much) we need it in the first place. Part two of our “How to Create a Good-News Environment” series takes a look at the problem of sin and how we can create a loving model to deal with the hard stuff and point kids to Jesus.

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Eight Little Words to Kick-Start Ministry

When a pandemic knocks us off our feet, facing another ministry season may inspire more dread than delight. A few wise words offer some great advice for how to plan our next ministry steps when we don’t know what to do.

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How to Create a Good-News Environment

The culture we create as adults lays a crucial foundation for children to understand and grow in their own love for Jesus.

Watch the first in a video series exploring what a good-news environment looks like and how we can create spaces that reflect the grace, mercy and truth of Christ.

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Three Ways to Think Small

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Go counter-cultural and “think small” when it comes to sharing the big news of Jesus’ love with the kids in your life. Practical suggestions for re-aligning your focus and getting to know the kids in your life.

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Kid-Friendly Links to Beat Bible Boredom

Dusty relic or living Word? We want the next generation to know the awesome story of the Gospel and God’s great rescue plan for us. Read on for some digital resources (and links to free downloads) to help beat Bible boredom and get your kids—and you—into God’s Word!

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