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why we need to tell kids about Jesus

Why Do We Need to Tell Kids About Jesus?

Why should families and local churches make it a priority for kids to learn who Jesus is, and what He has done for them? Watch the video to discover what Jesus had to say during a post-resurrection conversation with His best friend! Part one of a three-part series.

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empty tomb

The Tomb is…Empty!

So why DID God roll the stone away from Jesus’ tomb? After all, can’t the newly resurrected Jesus walk through walls? Bill digs into the question to find a great reminder, for kids and adults alike, about the amazing truth of Easter!

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Fostering Faith

While the ongoing pandemic is painful and unwelcome, there is good news. The Light shines in the darkness. It is breaking in and inviting us to look to the Source. How we can use COVID-19 as a teachable moment to encourage children to embrace a faith that relies on Jesus and leaves them immune to spiritual death!

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Repentance: From Lies to Truth

What does it mean to repent? How we can identify the untruths at the root of sinful behaviour to foster lasting change. Part one of a two part blog and a helpful video tool from Vertical Small Groups.

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