Three New Resources To Help You Share the Good News

The Good News Story

Journey through the Bible with an in-depth, 9-part video series and illustrated study guide produced by Grace Fellowship and One Hope Canada. The Good News Story explores the Bible from cover-to-cover, unpacking the overarching theme of God’s amazing redemption plan through Jesus. Sign up to receive update emails and notification when the series releases this fall and follow @grace.storyteam on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more.

“We’ve used The Good News Story with all ages: from teaching children to training leaders. We have seen non-churched individuals with no Bible knowledge grow into leaders, teachers, and pastors in our church family through the ongoing revelation of God,” says video host and pastor Murray McLellan.

“Knowing The Good News Story leads us to evangelize out of an overflow of our love of Jesus. Because we love Him, we are compelled to share what we are learning about Him with others!”

SHARING THE GOSPEL – IN FRENCH! is a new, One Hope Canada platform where people can find articles, videos and a weekly podcast relating to youth evangelism and discipleship—all produced in French!

The weekly podcast, “La foi vient de ce que l’on entend” (Faith comes from hearing), centers ondiscipleship and sharing the Gospel with French Canadians.

“We want those with the least chance to hear of Christ to hear about Him and be transformed by the power of the Gospel,” says One Hope Canada Quebec director Jean-Sébastien Morin. “We also want to empower the local churches, youth groups and camps with tools to share the Gospel, grow as disciples and experience the power of transformative small groups.”


A brand new survey from Scripture Union Canada takes a look at the impact of Covid-19 on children’s ministry. The findings: Children’s ministry has taken a hit, but it’s not a knockout blow. There are positive insights, ministry gains, creative approaches and new prospects mentioned in the CCMR that would not have occurred if not for COVID-19. You can sign up to access the report here, and read the latest post from Children’s Ministry Basics here.

One Hope Canada

Sharing the love of Jesus with children and youth through Bible camps, community ministries, digital ministry, and training resources.