The Ripple Effects

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“Mommy is helping us read the Bible that has pictures that we got at camp.”

They sang in unison, “For you are loved by Him, you are loved by Him…”  “Oh, and G-Papa, listen to this one, ‘Great is the Lord and mighty is power…’ ”

G-Papa was beaming. “Did you hear that one, G-Nana?” he called in the direction of the kitchen.

“Did I ever!” G-Nana appeared at the door wiping her hands with a towel as she came in to join the three of them.

Gracie flopped herself down onto the couch after such a long concert with her sister, singing all the words to all the songs they could remember from camp. Raising her hands and holding them behind her head, she dreamily said, “I love camp. I miss my cabin leaders.”

Abby chimed in from her spot on the floor, “Ooh yah! And I love the games too, and the crafts, and I gave my shelf craft to Auntie Jane because it matches her kitchen, and I told her all about camp.”

“That’s so great!” said G-Nana, “So what does all your family think of the things you’ve been telling them about camp?” Both G-Nana and G-Papa eagerly waited to hear of possible ripple effects occurring in the home where their great-granddaughters live.

“Some of the songs remind Mommy of ones she had sung when she was a girl–a LITTLE girl–that is” grinned Abby.

“Mommy is helping us read the Bible that has pictures that we got at camp. Do you know a Sunday school teacher named Mrs. Curtain at your church?” Gracie squinted her face in an amusing, quizzical expression.

“Mrs. Curtis?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Well, Daddy doesn’t know any of the Bible stories, but Mrs. Curtis taught some of them to Mommy a long time ago!”

The hearts of the elderly couple were so thrilled. They praised the Lord as they could see the huge potential of all this excitement growing in the children’s lives, and also being used to bring their family to the Lord.


This story is based on a testimony from a dear couple who sponsor their great-grandchildren to attend camp.

Written by Gary & Christina Long, Camp Directors for Sandy Cove Bible Camp