Saying yes to God’s lead

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“I saw how God was so much bigger than my little ideas.”

It was Sunday morning and I found myself in the uncomfortably familiar place of having a full camp starting on Monday morning, and not having enough staff. My “well” of potential leaders had run dry, and I had just called my last lead, a pastor from a community about 130 kms away. All I could do was wait and pray. The phone rang, and the middle-aged mother of three who answered was willing, and she was available. However she had a considerable snoring condition that she was worried might traumatize campers, but her pastor recommended her, and as long as her daughter could come with her, she was willing to give it a go.  Despite my reservations, and preference for someone younger, I agreed to have Meg* come…, and I could not have been more blessed. Meg was gifted, she was fun-loving and zany, she loved Jesus and had a big motherly heart for her campers. Her campers were drawn to her, felt safe with her, and saw Jesus in her. I saw something too. I saw how God was so much bigger than my little ideas. I agreed to have Meg come mostly because I didn’t have anyone else. I thought Meg would be too old, wouldn’t be “cool” enough, and that the campers wouldn’t open up to someone who was older than their parents. How wrong I was, and I nearly missed the blessing.

Not everyone is called to cabin leading, but camp ministry offers so much more than just that. People in every generation have something to give, a gift to bring to the feet of Jesus. Maybe it is paying for a camper to go to camp, maybe it is supporting a missionary, maybe it is being a “camp grandparent,” or helping with a project, cooking in the kitchen, sewing some curtains, or even simply cutting some grass. Maybe it is encouraging a child or grandchild to serve during the summer when everyone else is saying “get a job.” And everyone can pray! Pray for the love of Jesus to transform the lives of children and young people in our country, for leaders to be raised up, and for God’s glory to shine.

Meg made herself available and responded to a need. The following summer she did something she never thought she would do, and led our two-week female work-crew program. In subsequent years she has stepped into camp speaking, and continues to be a blessing wherever she says “yes” to God’s leading. Meg still continues to snore.


(* Name has been changed to keep Meg’s snoring a private matter.)


Steve Duncan
Camp Director at Echo Lake Bible Camp in British Columbia