Right On Target: Ideas for Kids Who Want to Share the Good News

Give your kids the tools they need to share the good news of Jesus! Watch this video with your kids, and check out the resources below for some great examples of how to share the good news of Jesus with others!

(Right on Target video courtesy of Eastview Community Church.) 


God’s Story: The Good News (Crossroads Kids’ Club) A great overview of the overarching story of the Gospel to watch with your kids!

Tips For Kids On Sharing Their Faith (Lifeway Kids)

5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Share Their Faith (Dandi Daley Mackall) Includes a link to Mackall’s “WOW! The Good News Tract.”



A broken-down ice cream truck and the best news ever! A fun video about sharing the good news of Jesus from Douglas Talks!

One Hope Canada

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