Retired Missionaries Still Going Strong

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“Their lives are examples of love for God and others.”

Canadian Sunday School Mission’s Quebec ministry began in 1946. Camp Livingstone opened in 1953 and Camp des Iles joined the mission in 2012. Together, these two camps host over 700 children and youth annually. Two missionary couples faithfully served in Quebec for 63 years with what is now One Hope Canada. Although retired from the mission, they remain active in ministering to those who cross their paths. Their lives are examples of love for God and others. Wilmer and Marilyn Loewen The Loewens began with the mission in 1972, directing Camp Livingstone until 2008. Instead of retiring from the mission, they moved into the Stanstead community, where they had been doing pulpit supply and Bible teaching in a church, bringing the hope of the Gospel to hurting people. Soon after joining the Stanstead curling club, the Loewens were asked to run a junior curling program, a confirmation that God was guiding them. This involvement connected Wilmer and Marilyn with many parents, children, and youth, and opened the door for a day camp ministry. In 2007, they launched Beebe Day Camp and continued its ministry until 2016. Their visitation and organized follow-up programs included winter youth sliding parties and community barbecues. The goal of each event was to share the Gospel. In addition to the youth outreach, they began a weekly Bible study in their home in 2016, which still meets with an average of 10 to 15, some not connected with any church. The Loewens retired from One Hope Canada in 2018, but did not retire from living out their faith in the Stanstead community. Kent and Debbie Osborne Before joining One Hope Canada, Kent was a missionary to merchant seamen at Quebec ports for five years and for 22 years, pastored an Associated Gospel Church in Deux-Montagnes (Two Mountains), Quebec. In 2002, Kent was asked to “help for a bit” at Camp Livingstone. What the Osbornes thought was short term became 15 years with One Hope Canada. They provided leadership and support as Quebec field director, as Camp Livingstone’s maintenance director until 2009, and as Quebec field director on the national board. During this time, Kent helped build the camp’s duplex/office building and was instrumental in Camp des Iles joining One Hope Canada. In 2015, realizing the need for a younger couple to do property management, the Osbornes left camp to free up housing, and moved to Stanstead to work with the Loewens, Camp Livingstone’s former directors. Kent and Debbie asked God to open a ministry door to adults and children and He brought together a house church of 20 believers and seekers—Border Community Church, which now has official registered status with the Quebec government and is working on federal charity status. Kent retired from One Hope Canada in 2018, but continues to work with the Loewens and BBC. He serves on AGC’s Quebec board and hopes BBC will become a full member church with AGC in Stanstead, a town of nearly 3,000 with at least nine (and counting) closed churches.