Searching the Deep

“What does real repentance look like in challenging times?”

Two thousand-plus years ago, Jesus-followers found themselves in a season of great turmoil. On the day we now call “Good,” their leader was murdered, and they went into hiding. The people expected deliverance from the Romans’ oppressive regime, but instead darkness enveloped the land. They did not know yet what was to come. They could not see God’s big picture plan.

We face turmoil once again, as the COVID-19 pandemic rips across the globe. How do we respond in a time like this, when darkness seems to be on the winning side? How do we approach Good Friday in such a season?

Watch the video below as Bill McCaskell explores three defining characteristics of real repentance, what that looks like in the face of COVID-19, and how the hope of the Gospel overcomes even the darkest days.

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