Lives transformed: camp ministry’s eternal impact

“Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health (Proverbs 15:30, TLB).”

Our social media feeds and emails have been filled with “pleasant sights” and “good reports” this summer, highlighting the amazing ways that God worked (and continues to work) through camp ministry! Thanks to prayer and generous financial support, thousands of children and youth attending One Hope Canada camps heard, many for the very first time, the good news of Jesus’ love for them. Looking ahead to the coming months, we anticipate many more opportunities to share “good reports.” A strong start to this next fiscal season, beginning October 1, will multiply stories like this one shared by a One Hope Canada cabin leader.
“Quinn* came to camp with ADHD, medication, and [a lot of] energy! However, as we showed him love and patience, and continued to present the Gospel story, his heart warmed to God’s truth. On the last morning at the end of the cabin talk, he blurted out, “HOW DO I DO THAT? I WANT TO DO THAT!” Quinn and I were able to sit together and go through the message of the Gospel. I have no doubt of his understanding of the message of Jesus and his sincerity as he prayed aloud, admitted he was a sinner and asked Jesus to be his deliverer.”

Campers are responding to the saving message of the Gospel!

The challenges to sharing the Gospel grow each year and our missionaries constantly face new situations as they speak the truth in love to the children in their care. More than 26,000 children—over half with no Christian background—come through 45 One Hope Canada camps and ministry outreaches throughout the year.
“Sarah* came to camp pretty closed off to God’s love. She had a hard time focusing during discussions, often asking silly questions and taking away from the cabin talks. Over time, she seemed to warm up and became more open to God’s love, asking in-depth questions, being genuinely interested in conversation, and contributing good points. On Saturday, she gave her life to Jesus! There was an immediate change in her heart and attitude.”

Lives are being forever changed; this is how God uses your gifts!

As they work through life’s challenges, children like Quinn and Sarah are hearing about the hope of salvation that is found only in Jesus. Thank you for considering how you can come alongside this vital ministry. We can’t think of a more worthy and important cause – lives being transformed; children, teenagers and families being changed for eternity because they are hearing of the hope that is theirs in Jesus.

You can join us in making more of these stories a reality in the coming year. Click here for more information!

  *Names have been changed.  

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