Get Out of the Way: Making Room for Kids to Come to Jesus

come to Jesus

Only one time is Jesus described as being “indignant.” The dictionary defines it as being “grieved to the point of anger.” Do you know the story? It’s found in Mark 10, and it’s interesting to note there are children involved.

But here’s the thing: Jesus’ indignation wasn’t directed at the kids. It was directed at his disciples, who were getting in the way as the children tried to come forward. Jesus was upset that boys and girls were prevented from coming to know Him. 

The scene became a prime teaching moment about the kingdom of God and the important role children have within it.

How do we “get in the way” when it comes to children getting to know Jesus? Watch the video below for more, including three heart questions that help us examine our motivation.

“As we invest in children by loving them as Jesus did, and teaching them how amazing Jesus is, we are discipling the future leaders of our families, our churches and, our communities.” ~ Bill McCaskell ~

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Bill McCaskell is the national director for One Hope Canada.

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