A Virtual Camp Experience

Introducing...the MyCamp App!

Children love camp! The MyCamp app is designed with children in mind, and keeps them connected with camp friends and leaders. MyCamp also lets users view camp pictures and videos, do quizzes, ask questions and participate in livestream events led by camp leaders!

Even while social distancing regulations are in place, many Bible camps across the country are using MyCamp to offer quality, faith-based programming for children. The MyCamp app is available for download to your personal device through the App Store and Google Play.

Is the MyCamp App Safe for Children?

Your child’s safety has always been a top concern for us and so we teamed up with Dubit, a leading developer of children’s apps, to ensure a safe, secure, and fun app experience: 

  • MyCamp is only accessible to those who have registered for camp and have received a 16 digit camp code to log into the app.

  • All chats include a profanity filter, image moderation and oversight by the camp team.

  • Children can only chat with other campers from their week of camp in either a large camp chat group or their own cabin chat. 

  • Chats will be closed between 9 pm and 9 am every day.

  • All camp workers on the app will be screened and trained, as they would be if they were working at the camp in the summer. Visit www.insafehands.ca for more information about our children’s safety protection policy.

Are you a camp interested in using the MyCamp app? Email Melanie at melanie@onehopecanada.ca for more information.

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