It was 1982. I was a 13-year-old camper at Kenosee Lake Bible Camp and had just built a campfire.

Anxious to capture my achievement on film, I ran back to my bunk to grab my camera. Kodak in hand, I paused mid-stride on the wooden steps of Cabin B.

The breeze rustled through the branches of the towering poplars as shadows from their leaves danced on the path in front of me. I felt the sun on my face. Something–or Someone–had my attention.

In that moment, my heart awakened to the truth I had been hearing all week.

God was real; what Jesus had done for me was real. 

I could not help but respond, and right there I surrendered my life to the One who gave me life. I prayed softly, “Whatever You want to do with my life, is what I want to do.”  I often think of what God did that day on the steps of Cabin B, when I began my  life-long journey of knowing Him. 

Discovering the love of Jesus while surrounded by the wonder of creation has a powerful impact. 

Camp is a unique and compelling environment; one which I pray every boy and girl has the opportunity to experience. Skills and activities, firesides and chapels—set against a backdrop of God’s own design. It’s the perfect place for campers to learn about the One who created them, and the amazing plan He has for their lives.

Without you, some children will miss out on this opportunity. 

Many families are still facing tough economic challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. Without your support, a summer camp experience will not become a reality this year.

Your generous gift toward our campaign goal of $100,000 keeps camp fees low for these struggling families. Your support—large or small—makes it possible for campers to learn who Jesus is and what He has done for them.

We anticipate 19,000 children and youth—almost twice the number from last year—will come to camp this summer. Will you prayerfully consider how you can help make Bible camp possible for these boys and girls?

I can’t think of a more worthy and important cause than discovering the lasting hope of knowing Jesus!

Bill McCaskell,
National Director, One Hope Canada

Watch this video: Bill McCaskell chats with Doug Barr of Ranger Lake Bible Camp.

Your support means more children and youth will hear the life-changing message of the Gospel at camp this summer and beyond!

Here’s how you can get involved:

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  • call our office at 1-888-960-2580;
  • give via E-transfer (E-transfer your donation to You must send a second email to the same account with your password, name and address in order to receive an income tax receipt in February);
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