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show them Jesus

Show Them Jesus: Book Chat

Bring the good news of the Gospel into every day life and help your kids develop a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus. Listen in to our review of “Show Me Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids” and find out how you can get your own copy…for free!

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thermometer or a thermostat

Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

Do you react to current culture or do you intentionally create a good-news environment for the children in your life? Download this printable infographic highlighting four ideas to to help you and your kids grow in your relationship with Jesus.

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find delight in Jesus

Find Delight in Jesus and Discover God’s Power at Work

Do you find Jesus interesting and engaging? Do you make it a priority to help your kids see how delightful he is? Or do you serve Jesus up as a side dish in an already full smorgasbord of activity in your home and or ministry? Watch part five of our “How to Create a Good-News Environment” series to discover why Jesus is better than anything else!

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