Dauphin Bible Camp

Located in Riding Mountain National Park

The Dauphin Bible Camp has a lot of history as One Hope Canada (previously CSSM Ministries) took over the camping program on April 1, 1964. Since then they have been working to bring God's Word to the children of the area.

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Meet the Team at Dauphin Bible Camp

Jordan Foster - Assistant Director

Jordan grew up in a Christian singing family with 8 kids! He has been involved in youth ministry as well as worked with a One Hope Canada camp (Stoney Lake Bible Camp) for several years. He is also now involved in the discipleship of youth and young adults at Dauphin Bible Camp. Jordan is an accomplished drummer thanks to his early years of travelling and playing with his family. He also plays competitive basketball when he gets the chance and loves playing disc golf! Jordan has a burning desire for spreading the Gospel and it shows in every part of his life. As the new Assistant Director at DBC he will be hands on with bringing up and discipling the summer missionaries along with running the summer camp program. Thank you for partnering with him and being part of his life and ministry!

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Herbert & Shandi Ives - Site Manager

Herbert is the site manager at Dauphin Bible Camp; He and his family moved to the camp in spring of 2015 and live there year round. Herbert is responsible for the maintenance at DBC. During the summer Herbert oversees the work crew leader and work crew. Shandi has served as the kiddie camp coordinator for the past few years and in many other ways that perhaps goes unnoticed. They both have a passion for camp ministry in leading summer missionaries and helping provide a great environment for children to come hear the gospel! They have three kids who fit right in as camp kids and with the busyness that happens at DBC!

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