Simple Acts of Love

"The camper’s mom was deeply moved that her son was flourishing as a part of our camp family."

July 18, 2018

Our junior high camp program gives campers the opportunity to go mountain biking on trails in the adjacent Pigeon Lake Provincial Park. The trails offer engaging rides for most skill levels. Mountain biking is often the highlight of each camper’s week.
This summer we had a camper who had never ridden a bike. His cabin leader, aided by the camp speaker and a few others, took time throughout the week to teach this young man. These summer missionaries were often seen running beside the bike, keeping him balanced as he practiced.
The cooks, watching from a kitchen window, commented excitedly on his progress.
What a wonderful thing to see how impactful the teaching and personal investment were in this boy’s life.
The camper’s mom was deeply moved when she heard what happened and expressed profound gratitude that her son was flourishing in our camp family. She later shared a video of him riding a bike in their hometown saying, "He wanted to ride a mountain bike because of your empathy, compassion, patience, and willingness to help."
One of the beautiful things about camp is this kind of opportunity to build community and relationships through simple acts of love.
Colin Fowell, Camp Board Member and Program Director
Faith Bible Camp operates southwest of Edmonton on a rental property for three weeks during August.
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