Ministry Happens Year Round

"7,077 children and youth will be involved in discipleship ministries"

November 16, 2018

It might surprise you to know that 42 of One Hope Canada’s 45 ministry points actively minister to children and youth for the entire year.


I am amazed to see how our off-season is really God’s on-season. We intended for our fall and winter ministry to supplement what we do in the summer so campers can grow in their faith at home. God not only does this but uses our discipleship ministry to transform young people in the off-season. Three were baptized recently after making decisions to follow Christ.

- Timothy Jones, director, Camp des îles, near Lachute, PQ


We can repeat Timothy’s story across Canada where between now and next summer, over 7,077 children and youth will be involved in discipleship ministries initiated by one of our ministry points.


Canadian children and youth face clear obstacles in growing their relationship with Christ, but we do well to remember: no change in Canada surprises God. No obstacle encountered by any believer, young or old, is too much for a Savior who lives within.


In 2018, 4,073 One Hope Canada missionaries and volunteers from coast to coast shared the good news of Jesus year-round to 25,946 young Canadians. Only with your help can this important work carry on into 2019.


Will you join us this Christmas season so we can continue bringing the Gospel to Canada’s youngest—and most vulnerable—generation?


Thank you for your faithfulness, generosity, and most of all, your love for the Gospel.


Your fellow partners in the Gospel,

Bill and Bev McCaskell
National Director Team
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