Ministry Happens Year Round

"7,077 children and youth will be involved in discipleship ministries"

November 16, 2018

It might surprise you to know that 42 of One Hope Canada’s 45 ministry points actively minister to children and youth for the entire year.


I am amazed to see how our off-season is really God’s on-season. We intended for our fall and winter ministry to supplement what we do in the summer so campers can grow in their faith at home. God not only does this but uses our discipleship...

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We need your help

"It started in mid-July with an urgent message: we really need male cabin leaders for the pre-teen camp."

September 17, 2018

Dear Friend,


My name is Ferdi van Dongen, chair of One Hope Canada’s National Board. I have been a board member since 1995. What a humbling experience over the years to see God use this mission to reach children and youth with the Gospel. I was privileged to be on the National Board during the transformation years that saw CSSM Ministries develop into One Hope Canada.


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Simple Acts of Love

"The camper’s mom was deeply moved that her son was flourishing as a part of our camp family."

July 18, 2018

Our junior high camp program gives campers the opportunity to go mountain biking on trails in the adjacent Pigeon Lake Provincial Park. The trails offer engaging rides for most skill levels. Mountain biking is often the highlight of each camper’s week.
This summer we had a camper who had never ridden a bike. His cabin leader, aided by the camp speaker and a few others, took time throughout the week to teach this young man. These summer missionaries were often seen running beside the bike, keeping him balanced as he practiced.
The cooks, watching from a kitchen window, commented excitedly on his progress.
What a wonderful thing to see how impactful the teaching and personal investment were in this boy’s life.
The camper’s mom was deeply moved when she heard what happened and expressed profound gratitude that her son was flourishing in our camp family. She later shared a video of him riding a...

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Hear. See. Believe.

"Events like this shake us to the core, reminding us what is most important."

May 3, 2018

Dear Friend,

As Bev and I write this letter, we find ourselves, like all Canadians, still deeply moved by the Saskatchewan highway tragedy involving the Humboldt Broncos and the shocking loss of life in Toronto—three blocks from where our family spent two summers with relatives. Events like this shake us to the core, reminding us what is most important.

Typically, each spring we write to present the opportunities and challenges for a summer of sharing the Gospel with Canadian children, youth, and their families. But this year we are up against an entirely different challenge: the financial impact caused by the federal government rejecting dozens of One Hope Canada camp ministry applications. Why? Because we refused to give an unqualified “yes” to one line on the application form that says One Hope Canada supports the government’s non-scriptural position on reproduction and sexuality. We estimate an additional $250,000 is needed to support...

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Engaging Canada with the Gospel for over 90 Years

"57 ministry points presenting the Gospel to over 33,000 each year"

March 2, 2018

To view our 2017 Annual Report, please click here.

Through our individualized online training, provincial and national worker conferences, and the development of specialized resources, One Hope Canada's year-round and summer missionaries are well equipped to face the challenges of ministry.

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