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Searching the Deep

With Good Friday in mind, Bill McCaskell explores three defining characteristics of real repentance, what that looks like in the face of COVID-19, and how the hope of the Gospel overcomes even the darkest days.

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Beyond Being Good

If a child tells you that he or she wants to become a Christian, would you know what to say? There is no exact formula, but sometimes having a guide to help you work through these questions is helpful! Printable resource in post!

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Speaking Peace When Life Gets Scary

As fear surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeps the globe, how can we speak the Gospel truth of peace into the lives of our children? Three special things to share with your kids, to help set their hearts at rest.

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Living the Gospel: Andrew's Story

The 12-year-old in the 1999 camp photo could not have known he was poised on the edge of his life’s calling. Andrew Sevigny, executive director of Dauphin Bible Camp, shares his story of camp, life and making an eternal difference.

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Love: One Word to Rule Them All

Advent is a great time to be intentional when it comes to sharing faith lessons with children. Watch Bill McCaskell talk to kids about love – a small word with lasting power – in this special Christmas vlog from One Hope Canada.

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Joy That Does Not Disappoint

“Joy at Christmas for children is so significant, yet so fragile.” When the tree is taken down and the lights are packed up, how can we offer children a joy that stays?

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Hope: When Light Gets In Your Soul

What better time than the weeks leading up to Christmas to turn our hearts back to the light, back toward hope? Back to the wonder of the baby in the manger who grew to save the world? An advent reflection.

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No Turning Back: Edna's Story

At 102 years young, Edna Ratzliff has the same passion for Jesus that she did at age 19 when she and her friend Mae travelled throughout Saskatchewan, sharing the Gospel with children in rural communities. Watch her story!

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