Joy That Does Not Disappoint

"Joy at Christmas for children is so significant, yet so fragile. Even today, as we shop for gifts, we fear a lack of joy when the wrapping is torn away."

December 11, 2019

By Roland McQuade, One Hope Canada

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I was sitting with my grandfather, one Christmas, playing checkers. "Joy to the World" played on the stereo.

“It wasn’t always filled with joy, when I was a kid.” he began, as he moved one checker forward. “Each Christmas Eve, we would set out our plate, anticipating gifts on them by morning.”

My grandfather grew up in a poor family on the Prairies; both physically and spiritually poor. They were never taken to church, not even on Christmas Day.

“I remember one chilly Christmas morning,” he went on, “we jumped out of bed, and ran to the kitchen. All we saw was one small apple on each plate! Disappointed, we headed to the barn to do our chores. The next Christmas, again...

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Hope: When Light Gets In Your Soul

"Something about the light perpetuates hope, even as the world tries hard to squash those burning embers before they can flame."

December 4, 2019

By Kelly Rempel, One Hope Canada

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When you’re struggling to untangle that crazy string of lights for your Christmas tree, consider the number 640,215.

That’s the Guinness record-breaking number of bulbs blazing at a holiday display this year at a home in Lagrangeville, New York. (They also use almost 13 kilometres of extension cords!). 

Not quite bright enough? You could pack up your passport and head to Colombia where the annual Medellin Christmas Lighting Festival will feature 27 million sparkling LED lights. That’s a lot of twinkle!

There is something about the light that fascinates us, holds us captive, makes us slow down and take a second look, from the smallest spark to fireworks bursting overhead.

Something about the light perpetuates hope, even as the world tries hard...

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No Turning Back

"There are no limits to what God can do!"

November 25, 2019

At 102 years young, Edna Ratzliff has the same passion for Jesus that she did at age 19 when she and her friend Mae travelled throughout Saskatchewan, sharing the Gospel with children in rural communities.

“If I’ve learned anything over the years,” Edna says, “it’s not what we do, it’s what we let God do. There are no limits to what God can do! … He delights to work in us, which is amazing to me!”

Watch Edna’s inspiring story below!

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Lives transformed: camp ministry’s eternal impact

"Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health (Proverbs 15:30, TLB)."

September 6, 2019

Our social media feeds and emails have been filled with “pleasant sights” and “good reports” this summer, highlighting the amazing ways that God worked (and continues to work) through camp ministry! Thanks to prayer and generous financial support, thousands of children and youth attending One Hope Canada camps heard, many for the very first time, the good news of Jesus’ love for them.

Looking ahead to the coming months, we anticipate many more opportunities to share “good reports.” A strong start to this next fiscal season, beginning October 1, will multiply stories like this one shared by a One Hope Canada cabin leader.

“Quinn* came to camp with ADHD, medication, and [a lot of] energy! However, as we showed him love and patience, and continued to present the Gospel story, his heart warmed to God's truth. On...

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Camper to Missionary: Sophie's Story

"Kids invite friends, the Gospel is faithfully presented, and many choose to attend camp the following summer!"

August 16, 2019

In 2009, the Roy family attended Camp Livingstone’s family camp. Sophie Roy was 13. As the years progressed, she and her brother and older sister served as cabin leaders and in other camp positions. Along the way, her church began TGIF, a Friday night kids and youth outreach.

Today, Sophie leads this group and a similar outreach in Sherbrooke. These ministries are follow-up opportunities to summer campers from these regions. Kids invite friends, the Gospel is faithfully presented, and many choose to attend camp the following summer! My daughter and sons, along with other summer missionaries, have volunteered to help Sophie at these clubs over the past few seasons. 

Sophie started a year-round position as Camp Livingstone’s follow-up and discipleship coordinator in January 2019. Her objectives: continue this work, lead camp follow-up rallies, support summer missionaries in carrying out discipleship activities, and start two kids clubs by partnering with...

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